The 20-Year Rewind on Business Apps

The average large firm has 129 software applications per company. The average worker uses 35 of these a day, and switches between them 1,100+ times a day. Roughly one hour each day is lost to app switching, or put another way, over half of one business day each week.


In the competitive business landscape, companies need task-specific software to quickly complete tasks. But are more business apps really what we need to do our best, most collaborative, and most profitable work together? We doubt it. It’s time to shift your software mindset, to simplify, not multiply—and this ebook will show you how.

Betsey Thurlo 350x350

"Anybody can build an app in Kintone, from programmers to non-technical end users."


- Betsey Thurlo, Network Administrator at McCormick Distilling

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