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About this ebook

2 Smart Brainstorming Techniques & Resources For Coming Up With Innovative Ideas

Don't start your next brainstorming session for a new product, service, strategic planning,  business or startup idea without this worksheet.


Provided by Bryan Mattimore of The Growth Engine, this Ideation Worksheet features a step-by-step guide on how to use these two powerful techniques for generating great ideas:


1. Billboarding

Billboarding is a concept development technique designed to help group participants take the day’s best ideas from an ideation session – and turn them into testable concepts. The technique itself involves having teams create a “billboard” for the idea that includes: a short headline, an appropriate visual, and a tag line.


2. Problem Re-Definition

This technique helps you invent new ways of looking at a problem — and ultimately come up with other, even better answers — by first, re-defining that problem.


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