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G2 Crowd Grid® Report for No-Code Development Platforms | Spring 2019

Discover what customers are saying about Kintone in the G2 Crowd Grid® 2019 Report for No-Code Development Platforms.


The 2019 G2 Crowd Report ranks the top software in 4 categories: High Performers, Contenders, Niche, and Leaders.


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  • Satisfaction ratings for ease of doing business and ease of use with Kintone

  • Kintone’s highest-rated features

  • User Adoption and Return on Investment (ROI) when using Kintone’s No Code Platform


"Anybody can build an app in Kintone, from programmers to non-technical end users."

- Betsey Thurlo, Network Administrator at McCormick Distilling
Trusted by 10,000+ companies worldwide, including US and Global Fortune 500 Top 5